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Call the Brothers - David & Michael Volk and Frank McElroy are experienced Trial Attorneys who work together to achieve results for our clients who've been injured in an accident. Expect big firm experience with small firm personal service. 

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Whe​​​​n You Work With Us

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  • pay nothing, unless we win

​You Pay Nothing Up Front

​Our Auto Accident and Personal Injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay anything up front. We don’t earn a fee until money is awarded to you (either through a settlement or a verdict) in your case. Until then, you won’t owe us anything. There are no up front costs because we understand you haven’t planned for your injury.

Are you injured?

If you have been hurt in a car accident, truck accident, work accident, medical malpractice, or wrongful death incident, we're here to help. 

Most people require the help of an experienced attorney to know what to do next in these situations. We understand how hard and stressful these times can be for our clients. You're often dealing with family members, paperwork, and insurance agents flooding your phone lines. 

Sometimes clients make common mistakes during this process that can hurt their case down the road. And for good reason, this process would be confusing for anyone. 

That's why it helps to have attorneys who you trust on your side. We're here to guide you through every step of your personal injury case. 

what to consider

when you've been injured


​The choices you make in a legal situation can affect the rest of your life. Choose to work only with people you trust, who care about you, your family, and your future.


​Crisis is the time for honesty. Commit to sharing your whole story with your trusted adviser so he can know how to help you.

​Experienced Advocates

​It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, it’s the most important thing you can do. Choose a lawyer you can envision defending your rights in a courtroom. Sometimes, that’s exactly what it takes.

​Ask Important Questions

​Make sure your lawyer is as invested in your case as you are. After all, your future is at stake. Can you reach him when you need help? Does he have a plan?


​The upside to a tough situation is a chance for a fresh start. Begin by making integrity filled choices and working with integrity filled people. Today is a new day!


​Taking action without order leads to chaos, which results in confusion. When you’re confused, it’s hard to make good decisions. Instead, follow a proven recovery system.


​People who delay make things harder on themselves. The faster you get help, understand your rights, and start rebuilding your life, the better.

​Strategic Defense

​Whether you’re defending your freedom, your family, or your business, shortcuts won’t cut it. Instead, build a solid legal plan. You’re worth it.

How we help 

First and foremost, we're here to help you. When you call our offices you'll be greeted by a friendly team member who cares. You'll meet with an experienced attorney, not a paralegal or assistant. We meet with you one on one to answer your questions and develop a sound legal strategy for your case. 

*No Legal Fee unless we win 

*We handle communication with Insurance Adjusters, Medical Professionals, and Attorneys to give you peace of mind

*We always Negotiate in your best interest 

*Simple, Easy to Understand Legal Process with us by your side

*Experienced Trial Attorneys in case you need us to fight for you in court

​Our Team

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David A. Volk Frank M. McElroy Michael D. Volk

David A. Volk

Frank M. McElroy

Michael D. Volk

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​Our Clients Say

I highly recommend Mr.David Volk. He's very professional in getting in touch by phone,mail and email. All my paper work was done online so simple. I only saw him twice.First day was consultation and made it clear .I had a good case and would be able to help me, and last day was to pick up my check which turn out more then what I expected. Very Thankful!

David and his firm did an outstanding job. They kept me informed of the process, set expectations and really made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend his services.

I would highly recommend David to represent you, he was always there supporting me and consistently on top of my case as if I was his only client. My Dwi was not only erased from my record but all other charges were dismissed. I was treated like his family member. My sincere thanks to you David

Michael Volk is an exceptional attorney that knows a lot about the Court system. I got slammed with 3 different traffic violations on the same ticket. Hiring Mr. Volk was the best choice I made. I am a busy working mother so going to Court to get yelled at by a prosecutor and judge was not for me. Mr. Volk went to Court for me and got everything dropped. It was the best choice I ever made hiring him. He even was able to send me receipts and court papers via email so I know almost instantly that my tickets were handled and done. Hire this lawyer! I refer all my friends and family members to him.

I had been arrested for DWI. I went looking around for good legal representation and I'm glad I found David! David was friendly, seemed genuinely concerned for my case, very personable, and spoke to me just as a friend would. He even worked out payment arrangements with me and made his representation affordable. Also convenient to pay since I could make payments online with a credit card. During the trial, David was great. He defending me extremely well and fought my case hard. As a result of his great defense, we received a verdict of not guilty in only 20 minutes! no license suspension, or any court costs for me. By hiring David, I actually saved a lot of money rather than being found guilty and paying thousands more in fines and court costs. Worth every penny!

I was having a lot of problems with my apartment. David Volk helped me get out of my 13 month lease 3 months early. He worked fast on getting me out of my apartment. A letter sent to the corporate office within a couple of days and I was released from my lease. David Volk was very professional and was very knowledgable. I would recommend David Volk to anyone looking for a lawyer to get things done right and fast. I am very happy that I used Volk & McElroy law firm and David Volk as my lawyer.

David Volk is an attorney like no other. He reminds me of a Pit bull. My situation was very difficult to deal with, having visited San Antonio for the first time, being an out of state resident, I never thought I would face any legal situation. After a few bad decision's I made over a weekend, I was arrested in San Antonio with very severe charges. Career ending and possible prison sentencing up to ten years. With no criminal history I was afraid, being in the military and in combat, I was actually afraid for the first time in my life. I got all the usual brochures, but I was impressed with the professionalism that David Volk presented, in my eyes, it meant he met business. From the first time I talked to David over the phone to the dismissal of my case, David was always there, and willing to talk. I would recommend David to any close friends or family, he means business and will do all he can to represent you.

I've used Volk & McElroy's traffic ticket services multiple times and each time I was very satisfied with the results. After a single phone call, my case was handled swiftly and without any intervention needed on my part. If I find myself faced with a traffic citation in the future I will definitely turn to Volk & McElroy for help.

Michael Volk Jr has provided excellent advice and service on trademarking a character my wife and I created for children't books. With his assistance we are hoping to help put a smile on many children's faces with our character.

Volk and McElroy is a first class law firm! From the start, they listened to my personal concerns and professionally dissected my DWI case and got it rightfully dismissed! Moreover, they worked with me on payment arrangements which was also a blessing. I would definitely recommend the Volk and McElroy law firm above any law firm for any DWI case. I personally thank David Volk for everything he did to get my case dismissed!!

Erika D. Client
Sergio M.
Military Officer
John H.
Leighton R.
Adrian E.

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Call the Brothers - David & Michael Volk and Frank McElroy are experienced Trial Attorneys who work together to achieve results for our clients. Expect big firm experience with small firm personal service.

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